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Dozen fake CoIs of a family having govt employees cancelled SSS wants government service of fake CoI holders terminated, assets de-registered

Saturday, Oct 17, 2020 11:00 [IST]

Last Update: Saturday, Oct 17, 2020 05:34 [IST]

Dozen fake CoIs of a family having govt employees cancelled SSS wants government service of fake CoI holders terminated, assets de-registered

The State authorities have cancelled the Certificate of Identification (CoIs) of Bhim Bahadur Kami and his eleven family members after their Sikkimese domicile documents were found to be fraudulently acquired. Some of them are government employees and one is a sitting panchayat president.
The decision of the additional district magistrate (east) to cancel these fake CoIs were upheld by the appellate authority of Land Revenue & Disaster Management department in the second week of October. This was shared to media here on Friday by Sikkim Suraksha Samiti (SSS), an apolitical body, which pursued the case for two years.
SSS president Madan Tamang informed that the Samiti works for the protection of special provisions given to the Sikkimese under Article 371F and the local rights empowered by Sikkim Subject Certificates and CoIs. One of our members had traced out a fake CoI holder and fought the case before the concerned authorities for two years, he said. The final judgement has come wherein the fake CoIs of Bhim Bahadur Kami and family have been cancelled, he said.
The family hails from 4th Mile along Gangtok-Nathu La road.
This is just the beginning and in days to come, we will continue to fight against illegal acquisition of CoIs to safeguard the interest of genuine Sikkimese, said Madan.
Nim Pincho Bhutia told media that he came across the fake CoI holder in 2018 and started collecting evidence. He and others then filed a case before the east district administration which was heard by the additional district magistrate.
Eight hearings took place after which the CoIs of Bhim Bahadur Kami and 11 of his family members were held to be fake documents, he said.
Following this, the family then approached the appellate authority under Land Revenue & Disaster Management department. Several rounds of hearing were held and on October 13, the appellate court upheld the judgement given earlier, said the SSS.
The appellate court also ordered cancellation of the fake CoIs the same day, said the Samiti. They added that the children of the fake CoI holder are now working as government employees and one is a sitting panchayat president.
Bhim Bahadur and his family is informed to have made the fake CoIs from a genuine Sikkim Subject Certificate holder. Interestingly, the person was unmarried and passed away with no natural heir, said the Samiti.
The Samiti pointed out that the Supreme Court has already directed that government service acquired through fraudulently means can be terminated. Hence, we request the State government to immediately terminate the government service of those employees whose CoIs have been cancelled, said the SSS.
“We do not just want cancellation of the fake CoIs. All other documents acquired by showcasing the fake CoIs and assets acquired like land and house are de-registered. Appropriate action as per law should also be initiated so that such fake CoI holders do not attempt to cheat and take undue advantage of the genuine Sikkimese. Due to such fake CoI holders, many genuine Sikkimese are unemployed,” said the SSS.
It was informed that the Samiti has also submitted a memorandum to the Chief Minister requesting that the government services of the fake CoI holders are terminated.
As per the SSS, there are some more persons who acquired the fake CoIs from the same person who has passed away. We want the State government to trace and investigate such persons and take legal action to protect Sikkim and the Sikkimese, said the Samiti.
The SSS also highlighted that there are several rounds of verifications by the authorities before a CoI is issued. The culprit is not only the one who acquires the CoI by fraud means…the officials who did the verification and issued the certificate are also equally responsible, said the Samiti.
The press meet was also attended by SSS general secretary Tara Bhattarai and other office-bearers of the Samiti.

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