Enhance minimum wage of all working class before Dasain: Pawan Chamling to govt

Friday, Sep 23, 2022 12:15 [IST]

Last Update: Friday, Sep 23, 2022 06:47 [IST]

Enhance minimum wage of all working class before Dasain: Pawan Chamling to govt


GANGTOK, : Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF) president Pawan Chamling has demanded the State government to deliver enhanced rate in minimum wages for all working class before Dasain in October. Chamling was addressing the SDF workers and supporters during his birthday celebration at SDF headquarter at Indira by pass here on Thursday.

While congratulating the State government for enhancing the rate of minimum wages, he demanded, “The payment on the basis of the enhanced rate should be given to the entire working class of Sikkim before this Dasain along with arrears from the month of September 2019 as the present government promised to increase the minimum wages of Rs 20,000 within 100 days of forming the government. The enhanced rate in minimum wages should be first implemented to workers in the government sectors including One Family One Job employees and workers in PWD, Building and other departments.”

The SDF president urged the workers in government sector to demand enhanced rate in minimum wage first. He stated, “Although the present government has enhanced the rate of minimum wages but saying it would not be implemented to workers in the government sector and only for the private sector. When the State government gets the special power to increase salaries of workers of the private sector as the private sector works as its own and can follow the rate of the government. So, the state government should first implement this enhanced rate to workers working in the government sector and then only the private sector would be compelled to implement the rate to their workers.”

Chamling alleged the present government of receiving almost double the budget than the former SDF government. “But there was no developmental works of such huge money in the State. It is the duty of the people of Sikkim to enquire about where such huge money has gone. As per latest data the poverty and inflation rates have gone very high in Sikkim and no step has been taken by the state government to give relief to the people. Instead of addressing the high unemployment rate by starting some employment generating schemes, the state government instead is selling employment generating avenues and opportunities.”

While speaking on the Aama scheme of the State government, Chamling said, “No one in the State would benefit from this scheme with so many criteria included by the government. The scheme has been started just to mislead and lie to the people of Sikkim.”

Chamling further stated, “During the SDF rule, education was made free-of-cost for students up to college. We believed in less money and more work, but the present ruling party has passed a budget for four years, which is more than for 10 years. They have also taken loan. With a huge budget, no work has been done. ‘Where did the entire fund go?’ is what the Janta wants to know as the money belongs to the people of Sikkim. The funds and the budget belong to the Sikkimese. It is the property of the State.”  

Sikkim at a Glance

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