Lack of water supply irks Melli check post employees

Friday, Sep 10, 2021 10:45 [IST]

Last Update: Friday, Sep 10, 2021 05:12 [IST]

Lack of water supply irks Melli check post employees


NAMCHI,: The employees at a government residential and office building at Melli check post have complained that there is no supply of drinking water from PHE department for over a month now.
The employees from State agencies like Motor Vehicle Division, Commercial Tax and SNT who are on check post duty are forced to bring water from local sources which are usually unfit for consumption.
A local resident and an employee at Commercial Tax department said the polypipes that are used to provide water from PHE water storage tank located at Chalisey Melli to the government buildings in the check post area are washed away by the landslides which has affected the supply of water. PHE department in-charge Rajkumar Rai said the water from PHE cannot be catered to Melli check post buildings until the road is permanently built.
Currently, the employees residing in government quarters are bringing water from different sources for their daily use. The water that comes through pipelines is usually muddy and unfit for consumption.
The residents said that they are buying packaged water to prepare food. To add to the woe, during rainfall, the overflowing water enters the residential apartments below the road level.
"It is extremely difficult to live in the polluted surrounding, flooded rooms and broken sanitary pipes with unavailability of drinking water and the humid conditions of the area," said the residents.
According to the PHE section of Melli, they have not been able to provide regular supply of water to the residents of Melli during the monsoon due to the natural disasters triggered by heavy rains.

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