Limboo association thanks CM for Chasok Tongnam Govt holiday

Thursday, Jan 28, 2021 08:00 [IST]

Last Update: Thursday, Jan 28, 2021 02:16 [IST]

Limboo association thanks CM for Chasok Tongnam Govt holiday

GANGTOK,: The Sukhim Yakthung Chasok Tongnam Lokchum, a Limboo organisation of Sikkim, has extended its heartfelt gratitude to the State government and Chief Minister P.S. Golay for notifying Chasok Tongam as a State government holiday.
Chasok Tongnam is a major festival of Limboo community celebrated at community-level during winter harvest season. The State government, earlier this month, notified December 15 as government holiday for Chasok Tongam festival.
Speaking to media here, Chasok Lokchum chief coordinator B.P.H Subba said all the Limboo associations and individuals are overjoyed and thankful to the Chief Minister and his government for Chasok Tongnam made as a government holiday.
This government holiday for Chasok Tongnam is first of its kind and historic for the Limboo community settled within and outside Sikkim, he said.
Subba, at the press meet, said the association had approached the Chief Minister in 2019 requesting that Chasok Tongnam is declared as a government holiday. Within a year, the State government has fulfilled our request and we are thankful for it, he said.
At the press meet, it was shared that Chasok Tongnam used to be celebrated by the Limboo community during December at individual level in their houses as per tradition. The need for community-level celebration later came so that the coming generation is also involved on a larger scale for preserving this Limboo tradition.
Accordingly, a Limboo organisation Yuma Sese Mi Chumbho based in Aambotey, Chisopani in south district started organising Chasok Tongnam at a community-level from 2012 onwards.
Though no specific date is there for Chasok Tongnam, it is usually celebrated in late December when educational institutes are closed for winter break. This allows the younger generation of Limboo community to be actively involved in Chasok Tongnam and thus, learn more about their traditions, said Chasok Lokchum president N.B. Subba shared.
The Chasok Lokchum executives informed that they are trying to secure an appointment with the Chief Minister wherein association can express their gratitude to him. They also highlighted the key roles played by association chairman and Namcheybong MLA Em Prasad Sharma and association chief advisor M.N. Subba for guiding them on the demand.
At the press meet, the association also released a new Limboo calendar wherein the government holiday of Chasok Tongnam has been listed. There are around 58,000 members of the Limboo community in Sikkim.

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