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SNPP appreciates State’s measures against Covid-19, make suggestions on minimizing public hardships

Tuesday, Jun 02, 2020 15:00 [IST]

Last Update: Tuesday, Jun 02, 2020 09:08 [IST]

SNPP appreciates State’s measures against Covid-19, make suggestions on minimizing public hardships

GANGTOK: Sikkim National People’s Party (SNPP) president Delay Namgyal Barfungpa on Monday shared his suggestions and requests to the SKM government on addressing the hardships faced by the people due to Covid-19 and lockdown.
Addressing a press meet here, the SNPP president pointed out there are several pharma factories operating in Sikkim and the government could tap into them for providing free medicines for the people.
“Due to recession, many have lost their source of income and they are unable to purchase medicines for themselves or family members. I request the government to take help of the pharma companies and make all kinds of medicines available to the primary health sub-centre level till the pandemic lasts,” said Barfungpa.
Barfungpa added the hospitality sector of Sikkim has been worst hit by the pandemic and lockdown.
“We suggest the government to come out with an economic package for the hospitality sector. The taxi drivers are also facing hardships. Though the odd-even system has started, it is difficult for the taxi drivers to sustain their families with around 15 days of earning in a month and having restricted passengers.”
The SNPP president requested the State government to extend relief by reducing the State taxes on fuel so the taxi drivers and owners can save some money in fuel consumption. Similarly, the State government can speak with all banks on extending all possible relief to the loanees till the situation normalises, he said. He added that inter-district movement should be allowed which will extend some relief to the homestay operators.
Barfungpa maintained that the present situation calls for unity. All needs to come together which includes the political parties to tackle this pandemic and we must avoid political mudslinging at this hour, he appealed.
Now the markets are gradually opening and it is people who have to follow proper safety guidelines like maintaining social distancing, hand washing or using hand sanitizers and face masks, said Barfungpa.
The SNPP president also appreciated the efforts made by the SKM government against Covid-19 and measures taken to keep Sikkimese safe from the pandemic. He congratulated the P.S. Golay-led government for completing one year in office on May 27.
Barfungpa expressed his confidence that the SKM government will fufill its promises made to the people of Sikkim after normalcy returns. “The SKM government is one year old now. During the one year period, the SKM government had to face challenges like bye-polls before it could actually start working in a full-fledged manner. Just after its full budget presentation earlier this year, the new government had to face the major challenge of Covid-19,” he said.
“The new government is young and it replaced a 25-year-old government and so it would be too early to comment on its performance. We need to give it some more time,” said the SNPP president.
Barfungpa, however, pointed out that the SKM government failed to act on some of its promises like not giving service extensions. It is an era of information and people have access to all kinds of information, hence it is impossible to hide anything, he said adding that transparency should be maintained in all fronts.

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