Stakeholders meet on smart improvement of Lall Bazaar

Friday, Jul 10, 2020 12:30 [IST]

Last Update: Friday, Jul 10, 2020 06:51 [IST]

Stakeholders meet on smart improvement of Lall Bazaar

GANGTOK: A stakeholder’s meeting for remodeling, retrofitting and improvement of Kanchenjunga shopping plaza, Lall Bazaar and surrounding areas was conducted by Gangtok Smart City Development Limited (GSCDL) at ICCC conference hall of Kisan Bazaar, near Lall Bazaar here today.
The meeting was chaired by Urban Development minister Arun Upreti and was attended by officials from various line departments and local stakeholders.
GSCDL CEO Sailendra Sharma gave a presentation on the topic with the aim to discuss various issues related to the shopping plaza, execution of the plan and taking to its final methodology of final design.
“Lall Bazaar, being the biggest building in the State capital Gangtok has the largest footfall of citizens on a daily basis and the existing infrastructure needs improvement. The main challenges are functioning market, cooperation from public and vendors, structural soundness of the building, traffic management and required permissions. The GSCDL aims at improving accessibility, vicinity, relocating the toilets for improved sanitary condition, improving the electrical installation, CCTV, public announcement and signage,” said Sharma.
The background study, literature study, site analysis, concept development and a preliminary meeting has already been conducted and the stakeholders meet is the next step to the last methodology i.e. final design. The meeting is being conducted with the aim to receive feedback from the stakeholders and take the decision accordingly, Sharma added.
The main issues discussed in the meeting were lack of maintenance, lack of proper drainage, parking floor/basement floor, access road, lighting, access/lifts, unhygienic toilet, fire and garbage disposal, among other issues.
The proposal made were redevelopment of roads at Lall Bazaar and vicinity by resurfacing the roads around the periphery of the building till Sher-e-Punjab junction, utility lines to be reset and laid in a newly built duct, area of the fire tank to be redeveloped into a small children’s park with artificial turf, cleaning of drains and checking for slope correction to facilitate better drainage and installing short length parallel covered drains.
The GSCDL also proposed an external staircase from the ramp connecting all levels, including terrace, that will act as a fire staircase during emergency and repainting the exterior and providing a fresh look to the front façade.
The design concept proposal includes augmentation of lighting and ventilation, identifying dark spots and augmenting artificial lights especially in staircase and corridors, dismantling and replacing skylight for natural light, installing 15 mm thick RCC flooring, tiling and augmentation of light in the parking floor. For augmentation of light, the meeting proposed on replacement of sub-distribution panel, increased rating of protection system (MCCB) introduction of individual energy meter for hawkers, rewiring, overall augmentation of lighting of Lall Bazaar and common area with solar lights.
The GSCDL also proposed on augmentation of surveillance system, connectivity to M.G. Marg, public address system, signage and fire services.
Sharma urged on the need to be taken for ownership for operation, maintenance and deployment of dedicated manpower.
The powerpoint presentation of the meeting will also be uploaded in the GSCDL website for the general public. The feedbacks can be sent by the general public within a week via, it was informed.
Minister Arun Upreti informed that the Gangtok smart city project is for the benefit of the citizens and he urged everyone, especially the hawkers to cooperate.
“Lall Bazaar is the biggest shopping plaza of Gangtok, yet the preference is only given to MG Marg. The main reason is the unhygienic condition of Lall Bazaar and its surrounding areas. To increase the market value, the area needs to be renovated and the condition needs to improve. At the final stage now, we urge everyone to cooperate and ask for public inspection of the location when the renovation begins,” said the minister.
The meeting was followed by an interactive session, where various problems and solutions were taken into account.

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