Tieedi initiative on waste management for hills

Friday, Jul 30, 2021 07:30 [IST]

Last Update: Friday, Jul 30, 2021 01:58 [IST]

Tieedi initiative on waste management for hills

DARJEELING,: The garbage dumps here are receiving as much as 50,000 kg less bio-degradable waste from the hills in the past one year due to efforts of social organizations.
Tieedi, a four-year-old organization, has achieved this by working on waste compost through their ‘Zero Waste Andolan’ for the past three years with them and other organizations now launching "Wakkai Dikkai" pledge which entails taking responsibility for one’s own waste.
"The main aim is to try and reduce waste and the load it is posing on landfills. In this project we are starting now we have chosen 100 houses where our team will be giving them guidance of how to make their own manure out of bio-degradable waste and apart from that how to segregate the waste which is not degradable,” said Utsow Pradhan, founder of Tieedi.
"For a certain period of time we will be managing their garbage. About 70 per cent of household waste is bio-degradable and we have been working on it for some time by showing how it can be turned into compost. Our focus this time is also on the remaining 30 per cent non-degradable waste like plastics. We will also collect them and see what can be recycled and those which cannot will be have to be replaced by alternate products which can be used by them in future," said Pradhan adding that this will create a habit among the people of segregating waste.
According to Pradhan, they have already managed to bring about 120 households along with some schools and monastery under the project.
"In a period of one year we have managed to convert 50,000 kg of degradable waste into about 10,000 kg of manure. This also turns out to be financially viable to the person with the cost of manure saved along with this manure being used at home for better vegetables. This can also be turned into an income for people," he said.
Pradhan added that if one family starts this practice of waste compost, there will be 1 kg less waste per day in the dumping ground.
Turning degradable waste into manure consists of a process using three-layer containers and use of a catalyst to speed up the process of decomposition of the waste. It however takes three months for the manure to be prepared.
Pradhan maintained that one can be a part of ‘Zero Waste Andolan’ either by signing the pledge to follow this process or by donating so that people of the lower income group can also be made a part of it.
This is being done by Tieedi in partnership with another group called Lungta with help and support from other organisations like Scavengers Darjeeling, WWF, Darjeeling Prerna and Zero Waste Himalayas.

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