With age, Chamling losing his mental capabilities: SKM

Sunday, Jan 22, 2023 08:45 [IST]

Last Update: Sunday, Jan 22, 2023 03:13 [IST]

With age, Chamling losing his mental capabilities: SKM

GANGTOK,: Ruling SKM on Saturday countered that former Chief Minister Pawan Chamling is losing his mental capabilities on seeing the hugely successful ‘Janta Bhat Get’ initiative of Chief Minister PS Golay.

“An envious Pawan Chamling is deliberately distorting the public outreach campaign of the Chief Minister and making childish allegations. He has lost his mental balance. We condemn his unfortunate statements and suggest him to do a medical checkup of his health and mental status,” said SKM spokesperson Bikash Basnet in a press statement.

“People’s problems are being addressed when a leader meets them. To see Chamling having an objection on this makes it clear that Chamling has entirely lost his mental capabilities along with his age,” added Basnet.

The SKM was responding to the repeated allegations made by the SDF president over the ‘Janta Bhet Ghat’ programme of Golay.

Before calling anyone a ‘sadist’, Chamling should look back into his tyrannical government in past where people wanting to meet him were chased away forcibly from Mintokgang gates, said the SKM spokesperson.

Basnet added that Chamling is exposed as anti-poor since he is unable to digest the development made in various sectors including poverty alleviation during the SKM government. Today, there is no political discrimination under the SKM government as people can meet the Chief Minister, patients get medical assistance and all are given government benefits, he said.

“Chamling left Sikkim under a huge debt during his 25 years of rule. He has forgotten how people faced political discrimination. He should stop provocative speeches. We suggest him to give up his envy that has engulfed him after being ousted from power,” said Basnet.

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