No shortages of essential commodities: Food & Civil Supplies Dept

Sunday, Jun 16, 2024 09:45 [IST]

Last Update: Sunday, Jun 16, 2024 04:02 [IST]

No shortages of essential commodities: Food & Civil Supplies Dept

GANGTOK, (IPR): Food & Civil Supplies secretary Namrata Thapa convened a meeting to assess the availability of LPG cylinders, Petroleum products, PDS food items and essential commodities.

The meeting was attended by the representatives from the Food Corporation of India, Transporters, Legal Metrology Unit, Indian Oil Corporation Limited, and officials from the Food & Civil Supplies department.

In preparation for the monsoon season, the Food & Civil Supplies department had been conducting regular checks to ensure essential items were well stocked in advance.

The department had earlier instructed the FCI, IOCL, and District Civil Supplies officers across all districts to maintain rice stocks as well as petroleum products in State Food go-downs, FCI and IOCL depots, to handle any unforeseen circumstances during the monsoon.

The Food & Civil Supplies secretary mentioned that 36 godowns are well stocked, and the general public need not worry about shortages of food grains, LPG, and petroleum.

The department is constantly monitoring stock availability. It was further mentioned that essential supplies are being provided to affected areas through zip lines and transhipment in the Mangan district until road connectivity is restored. Taking into account, the closure of NH-10 at the moment.

The department has instructed IOCL and other transporters to increase the number of transport vehicles to maintain stock levels and avoid public panic.

Additionally, the benefits of the new 10 kg composite cylinders, which are lighter and safer due to their blast-resistant design, were discussed. LPG consumers are encouraged to switch to these safer cylinders, which are readily available from LPG distributors.

The department has started rationing petroleum products in Mangan district to avoid panic buying and ensure sufficient stock. They are making constant visits to ensure stock availability to prevent panic among the general public.

Furthermore, FCI officials have been instructed to open their depots by 8:00 am in the morning so that lifting of food grains can be done twice a day if need be.

The department has also created Quick Response Team in all districts, headed by concerned DCSOs who will be visiting affected sites frequently to assess the availability of essential commodities in those areas and also address other related issues.

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