Gurung appeal dissidents to return back to party

Binay Tamang leading the candlelight rally in Darjeeling town. SE Pic
Thu, Sep 7, 2017

DARJEELING: GJM president Bimal Gurung, through a 22-minute recorded audio message, has appealed Morcha dissidents Binay Tamang and Anit Thapa to return back to the party.
“You have made a lot of mistakes and I appeal you rectify it. If you want to return, you can. How long will you stay with Bengal and how many days can the police give you protection? Return back to your houses and let us walk together,” said Gurung in the audio message.
The 22-minute message was played on a mike at Chowk Bazaar here.
“Conspirators are separating us but those people who want to part ways should think all about this. The fight is not to make anyone a leader or councillor, Sabashad, MP or MLA but for the benefit of the community,” said Gurung.
The GJM president also commented on the rally taken out by Thapa at Kurseong town yesterday.
“In Kurseong, some boys that were fighting for Gorkhaland are now taking sides with the State and a conspiracy being done to arrest people that are supporting the Gorkhaland demand. But people are not sacred,” said Gurung.
The Morcha president also said the present agitation is causing a lot of problems for people and leaders should not betray them.
Gurung claimed that the Bengal government is conspiring to shoot him on sight. He also denied the allegations that sharpshooters have been hired to kill Binay Tamang.
Meanwhile, Binay Tamang and his supporters held a silent peace rally today evening from Chowrasta to Chowk Bazaar which saw a low turnout.
“This is not a political rally. It is a rally for peace and normalcy in the hills,” said Tamang. He claimed that the low turnout was due to threats issued to the people.
I will hold a public meeting on September 9 at Darjeeling, he said.
Responding to Gurung’s call that he should return to the party, Tamang said: “We have not made any mistakes but he is the one who is making mistake by staying in Sikkim when the agitation is going on here. He should come back and lead the people. If he comes here, we are all ready to support him,” said Tamang.