Saturday, Nov 11, 2023 08:45 [IST]

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Darjeeling Municipality addresses fire safety concerns after hotel blaze

DARJEELING,: In the wake of Thursday morning’s devastating fire that damaged two hotels on Tung Sung road, Darjeeling Municipality conducted a crucial meeting today. Municipality chairman Dipen Thakuri along with representatives from the hotel industry, fire department, electricity department and district administration convened to discuss urgent measures for enhanced fire safety.

Expressing deep concern over the lack of adequate fire safety measures, chairman Dipen Thakuri remarked, “Inadequate steps were being taken, and if proper measures were in place, the damage to the two hotels could have been minimized.”

On Thursday morning, two floors each of Siddarth Hotel and Golden Orchid were completely damaged by fire.

During the meeting, plans were outlined for comprehensive fire safety training programs to be conducted ward-wise by fire brigade personnel post-Diwali. Thakuri highlighted the importance of disaster management training, encompassing protocols for earthquakes and rescue operations.

Addressing the longstanding issue of fire hydrants, Thakuri revealed, “It had been decided that fire hydrants would be installed in different places, but due to a shortage of funds, this could not be implemented. However, there is now departmental assurance that this step will be taken soon, with a revival of old fire hydrants.”

Thakuri stressed the need for community involvement. He said locals can use fire hydrants before the fire department arrives, alleviating pressure on them. Lack of training among the people is evident, and preparation is crucial to avoid such incidents, he added.

Highlighting the unpredictability of fire incidents, Thakuri emphasized the importance of training, stating, “Even one trained person can control a fire using a fire extinguisher. Awareness about fire and natural calamities is lacking, and with proper preparation, many disasters can be averted.”

Sikkim at a Glance

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