NMOPS Sikkim thanks CM for announcing implementation of OPS in State

Thursday, Sep 14, 2023 06:45 [IST]

Last Update: Thursday, Sep 14, 2023 01:04 [IST]

NMOPS Sikkim thanks CM for announcing implementation of OPS in State


GANGTOK,: National Movement for Old Pension Scheme, Sikkim State has expressed their gratitude towards Chief Minister PS Golay for his recent announcement made on OPS in a function held at Namchi.

Addressing media, NMOPS Sikkim president Pema Doma Bhutia expressed thankfulness and gratitude for announcing implementation of OPS in the State.

She mentioned that it was only on September 9 the pension committee constituted by the State government is informed to have submitted the report to the government. We are of the opining the report must have been positive favouring our demand, she added.

“We are very much sure and believe in the announcement of the CM as he is a man of his word and only person who can facilitate justice to the 30,000 CPF employees,” she added.

She informed that the NPS was implemented in the State since 2006 which has resulted into suffering of all the employees of the State especially those MR, work charged and adhoc employees who were regularised later. The employees who were regularised later were able to serve the government for a short period not entitling them to avail the benefit that existed in OPS system. The ones who qualified for pension are only availing a meagre pension of around Rs.500 to Rs. 1400 a month. The pension is so scanty which doesn't allow the retired employees to lead a happy life.

She informed that as per Sikkim Government Service rule, the work charged employees who are regularised are to carry forward half of their service too while retiring and are entitled to pension and gratuity but that is also not met to all.

She added that the employees falling under the NPS are being facilitated with so meagre retirement benefit they are unable to do the needful for their aged family members. “The only benefit we as government employees avail or look forward too is the pension and promotion. She added that if all the employees are facilitated with the OPS and timely promotion we will also be encourage to do better service to our senior family members.”

Further, she went on to inform all the CPF employees of the State that with the support of all the executive members of the association, the association has been able to reach our voice to the government for consideration. “With the recent announcement by the CM on OPS we are sure to avail the result awaited at the earliest. We are of the opinion that those regularised from MR, adhoc and work charged since 2006 will be covered under OPS extending relief to all retired employees too.”

“We also have been requesting the government since years on the promotion too but our request have been lingering with no output as such. We are hopeful that the State government under the dynamic leadership of the CM will also look into our previous requests diligently.

The conference was also attended by NMOPS-Sikkim general secretary Yogen Tamang, vice president DB Rasaily, joint secretary DR Rasaily, treasurer Kinchu Pema Bhutia, publicity secretaries Sudha Rai and Meena Sharma, and social secretary Diki Sherpa.

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